Download DJ Dark @ Radio21 (Sambata 06 Oct.2012)

[Link 2 pentru download]



1. Dr. Kucho! Ft. Aris – Doing Better Without You (Original Mix)
2. Alexandra Stan – Cliche (Hush Hush) (MAAN Extended Version)
3. Ami – Trumpet lights (Dj Khan remix)
4. Wawa, Fabal – Sombrita (Dj Rabinu 2k12 Remix)
5. Dj Dark & Shidance ft Violet – Turn It Up (Club Mix)
6. Pitbull feat TJR – Dont Stop The Party (Extended Mix)
7. Alessia – Ale Kumaye (Extended)
8. Fly Project – Back In My Life (LLP Remix)
9. Fabio Da Lera & Alenna – One More Night (Andeeno Damassy Remix)
10. Allexinno & Starchild – Joanna (Extended Version)
11. Andy M. ft Elise – One Love (Extended)
12. Sisi – Never bye bye (Prod By Dj Robert Georgescu) (Extended)
13. Hysteria – What You Want (Extended Mix)
14. – This is love (Andeeno Damassy Remix)
15. EDX ft. Hadley – Everything (Cazzette Remix)
16. Delyno ft. Morra- Je t’adore (Extended)

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