Fresh news (Callatis Mangalia Festival Event INFO + Jump UP Lyrics)

(Callatis Festival)
  • Pentru voi,my friends,am vesti noi.Impreuna cu Sonny Flame vom fi prezenti la festivalul Callatis,in Mangalia joi,12 August.Vom prezenta live melodia Jump UP si alte melodii ale colegului meu Sonny Flame.

Veti putea viziona festivalul pe canalul National TV (live)

  • NEW : Sambata 14 Aug ne vedem @ Club Principe Bacau .

De asemenea,pentru ca voi le-ati cerut,va scriu mai jos versurile de la Jump UP. Ele sunt in limbaj rasta,englezo-jamaicana.


Jump up and get started! Up, up get naughty!

Jump up let’s go shorty, bounce and let’s party!

We smoke di gunja, we light up and burn di fyah,

Son of the Flame pon di first place in Romania

Dem she I’m more fucking dangerous than Dracula,

I got di style, I’m di king… mai da-te-n …


Bounce along ’till the end of the night babe

Rasta man without dradlocks comin’

Up inna di stage mi burn down di club,

Sonny Flame kill dem one by one these longshots

I testify mi live illegal, blame me!

No man can do it like me

Because I got my people around, blaze it!

Babe shake it! We all love it!

Yeahhhhh!… di trone is mine, remember that!

So…get off!!! Sonny Flame a mi name!!!

FlyinState inna di building again! Oooh!

Yeah man a Dj Dark along side double ‘n’

Sonny Flame with the man called Chucho

a representing Red Clover Production, boom!

We a mek di gyal dem a wine, inna di club…oooh!

Hope you`ll enjoy it!

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