New Songs / Clips [09 Jan. – 16 Jan. 2016]

LLP & Emil Lassaria feat. Caitlyn – Africa (Official Music Video)

YorGa – After Party (feat. Brighi) Official Video

Stroke 69 – Amazing ( Official Video )

Andrea & Otilia feat. Shaggy & Costi – PASSION (Official Video)

Shift feat. Ruby – Urca si Coboara | Videoclip Oficial

R.A.C.L.A. feat. Anda Adam – Nu te-am uitat (Making of)

HUMAN – Radioactive (Official Single)

Alessio Paddeu – Io e te (così sarà) Official Video

Zdob si Zdub – Sunt hoinar, sunt lautar

Abbi – The Things We Had (Lyric Video)

Alessio Paddeu – Take my hand (Official Video)

Alice Sonia-Michael – Seconds of silence (Official Video)

Alx Veliz – Dancing Kizomba ft. Xonia

Cuibul – Orasul (Official Video)

New Songs / Clips [24 Dec. 2015 – 07 Ian 2016]

Willy William – Ego (Official Music Video)

Liquid Sunshine – LORD (Official Video)

Akcent feat. Sandra N – Amor Gitana (Official Music Video)

Narcotic Sound and Christian D – Cum crezi (ft. Junior High)

Phelipe – Teatru de razboi

Mihail – Ma ucide ea (Andre Rizo Remix Edit)

Alina Eremia – Original (Online Video)

Vunk – Ce miracol sa te am

directia 5 – Cel mai frumos cadou

Mr Vik – Hola, que tal? (Lyric Video)

Proconsul feat Connect-R, Raluka & Rucsy (Blaxy Girls) – Lumina de Craciun

Compact – La multi ani, iubirea mea… (Official Video)

Narayan – Haide sa bem (Official Single) by Lanoy

Michel Kotcha – Broken vows

Tobi Ibitoye – Miss You

New Songs / Clips [05 – 12 Dec.2015]

Kamelia – Amor

Angelo feat. Nicole Cherry – Pot eu sa te urasc? (Official Lyric Video)

Yolanda be Cool and Dcup – Soul Makossa Money (Official Music Video)

Kygo – Stay ft. Maty Noyes

Stela Botan & Paralela 47 – Mai Sus (Official Video)

Muneca – Vai (LLP Remix) Official Video

Bere Gratis feat. Elena – Iarna ne-a surprins indragostiti (Official Video)

Vanotek – I’m Coming Home feat. The Code & Georgian ( Official Video )

Amna & KLYDE – Un Craciun fericit (Official Music Video)

Dl. Problema feat. Cristina Stroe – De neclintit (Piesa Oficiala)

Yoyo feat. Like Chocolate – Pe umerii mei

Amna feat. Robert Toma – In oglinda (Live Session)

LETTY – Tell me if you know (Official Video)

Katarina – Do It Like A Dude (Originally by Jessie J)

Robin And The Backstabbers – Cosmonaut (Official Music Video)

Proconsul feat Connect-R, Raluka & Ruxy (Blaxy Girls) – Lumina de Craciun (Teaser)

TWO feat Mellina – Vinovat

Karie – Frumoasă și Bestie | Videoclip Oficial

Katarina – Do It Like A Dude (Originally by Jessie J)

The dAdA – Muzica E Mesajul | Single Oficial

New Songs / Clips [28 Nov. – 05 Dec.2015]

Faydee – Sun Don’t Shine (Official Music Video)

LLP – Bounce (Official Music Video)

Misha – Vamos (by DJ Sava) Official Video

DOC & Motzu & Smiley – Pierdut buletin (Official Video)

ROA – La Răsărit ( Official Video )

CRBL feat. NCFAL Band – Ne cerem tara inapoi (Official Video)

directia 5 – Intr-o zi (Official Video)

PSY – DADDY(feat. CL of 2NE1) M/V

GEØRGE, Anda Adam, Lora & What’s UP – Mosu’ e roman (Official Video) by Panda Music

DOMG feat Alina Eremia – Don’t Worry About It

Smiley & Jazzy Jo – My Present For You [Official video HD]

Mihail – Sideways (originally by Citizen Cope)

Keo – Cand tu nu esti (Official Music Video)

Theo Rose – Iarna in doi (Official Music Video)

Nazb – Fly Away (Official Music Video)

Katarina – Love Me If You Dare (Marc Rayen & Electric Pulse Remix Edit) (VJ Tony Video Edit)

New Songs / Clips [21 – 28 Nov.2015]

Alexandra Stan – I Did It, Mama! (Official Music Video)

Matteo – Trafic infernal (Official Video)

F.Charm feat. Flavius – La bine si la rau (by Lanoy) [videoclip oficial]

Nicoleta Nuca – Linistea (Official Video)

3 Sud Est – Tic Tac (Official Single)

Elena – Acasa la noi (Official Video)

Speak feat Peter Pop & Shift – Zile si Zile [Official video HD]

Shift feat. What’s Up & Connect-R – Norocos | Videoclip Oficial

Akcent feat. Sandra N – Amor Gitana

Amna feat. Robert Toma – In oglinda (Marc Rayen & Electric Pulse Remix) (VJ Tony Video Edit)

Crush + Alexandra Ungureanu – C’est La Vie (Official Music Video)

Basto – Hold You (Official Music Video)

Tara Holtea – Easy ABC (Official Video)

Otilia – Iubire adevarata (Official Music Video)

Nadir – Melodia mea (Official Video) by Famous Production

Rashid feat. Alina Eremia – Filme (Official Music Video)

Carmen – Living The Moment | Official Video

NATAN – Daca poti iubi (Official Music Video)

Andrei Leonte – Pe Apa Sambetei (Official Video)

Admiral C4C feat. Nyanda – Outta Control [kuchi pon me] Official Video

Bere Gratis & Elena – Iarna ne-a surprins indragostiti (Official Single)

DOMG feat Alina Eremia – Don’t Worry About It

Ivana – Tomorrow (Official Music Video)

DOC si Smiley – Pierdut buletin (Teaser)

Claudiu Zamfira & Levent – Unde pleci [videoclip oficial]

Omnia – Shanghai (Official Music Video)

Boier Bibescu feat. Sarmalele Reci – Pare usor (Official Video)

Jack Perry – Dime (OLiX & Adrian Funk Remix) (VJ Tony Video Edit)

Claudia Suteu – Nota de plata (Official Video)

Flabby – I’m Feeling Good Today (Official Music Video)

Katarina – Beggin (originally by Madcon) (Official Music Video)

3rd Avenue – Another World (Official Music Video)

Coveri & Donati – Trust Me Now (Official Music Video)

Alessandra – Khalia (Official Music Video)

Piticu’ feat. Mira – Petrecere de adio (Official Video)

New Songs / Clips [11 Nov. – 18 Nov. 2015]

Antonia – Dream About My Face (Official Music Video)

Andreea Banica – Hot de inimi (Official Single)

Alex Velea feat. Rashid – Partea A Doua (Din Vina Ta)

Anna Lesko – Poza ta (Official Lyric Video)

Randi – Dansam [Official Music Video]

Tutu – Poate | Official Single

Criss Blaziny feat. Alessandra – Adio, da’ ma intorc (Official Video)

Vizi – Why U warring

Call Me Mr. Gong (Official Music Video)

Dan Balan vs. Slider & Magnit – Funny Love (Remix)

Pepe – Ia-ma iar (Single Nou)

New Songs / Clips [07 Nov. – 14 Nov. 2015]

INNA – Yalla (Official Video)

David Guetta – Bang My Head (Official Video) feat Sia & Fetty Wap

Dj Rynno feat. Sylvia – El si ea (Official Music Video)

LORA – Ne impotrivim (Official Video)

CRBL feat. Anlora – Plange sufletul meu (Official Video)

directia 5 – Te-am visat (Lyric Video)

Sushy feat. Roachie – Nerdy Boy (Official Video)

INNA – Bamboreea feat. J-Son (Online Video)

Brighi – Invizibila (Official Video)

DJPolique feat. Goldie – BB Link Up (Official Video)

GEØRGE feat. JO – Nimeni nu-i perfect (Official Video) by Panda Music

R&E feat. Turbo B (Snap), N.A.S.O & Marieta – By the sea (Official Video)

Sorana – Pijamale (Official Video)

Dan Balan – Funny Love (Filatov & Karas Remix)

Edward Maya feat. Andrea & Costi – UNIVERSAL LOVE (Nicola Veneziani Remix)

Alexandra Crisan – Minte-ma frumos (Official Music Video)

Noni – Nelinistea Dintre Noi (Official Video)

INNA – Salina Skies (Lyrics Video)

Lys & Ciprian Robu – Me And My Broken Heart (originally by Rixton) (Up In The Air Live Sessions)

Lys & Ciprian Robu – All Of Me (originally by John Legend) (Up In The Air Live Sessions)

Lys & Ciprian Robu – Locked Out Of Heaven (originally by Bruno Mars) (Up In The Air Live Sessions)

Lys & Ciprian Robu – Take Shelter (originally by Years & Years) (Up In The Air Live Sessions)

Lys & Ciprian Robu – Take Me To Church (originally by Hozier) (Up In The Air Live Sessions)

INNA – Yalla (Dj Asher & ScreeN Remix)

INNA – Yalla (Armageddon Turk Mix)

INNA – Yalla (Deepierro & Offir Malol Remix)

INNA – Bad Boys (Official Audio)

INNA – Heart Drop (Official Audio)

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